Basement Remodeling

Get the results you deserve with this quality Basement Remodeling services. Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every basement remodeling job. But what really sets our remodeling services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client for their new dream basement.

If you have an unfinished basement and you’ve lived in your home for more than five years, it has probably become a warehouse of the out-grown, the unused, and the no longer needed.  Did you know that most basements contain over one third of the available square footage of the entire house!  It’s an easy way to add a extra kids bedroom or two or possibly an office.

Maybe your teenagers need extra space for their activities, or you need to make an in-law suite for Mom and Dad.  Whatever your needs, finishing the basement is a valuable, beautiful, and economical space solution.



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What types of spaces do most people want from a finished basement?


  1.  You want extra bedrooms, but don’t want to add an addition to the home because of lot requirements or a low budget.  Remodeling or finishing can include basement bedrooms if appropriate access is available or included in the renovation.  If you have a walk out basement you already have the ability to add livable space.  If your basement does not have ground level access, than there are many option depending on the layout of the home.  
  2. You want an extra bathroom, but can’t fit it into your existing floor plan.  With the advances in pump-out toilets and sump pits it’s never been as affordable to get a basement level bathroom.  Many people when searching for a new home want a bathroom for every bedroom; even though many traditional floor plans just don’t have the space.  No matter what the main reason behind it, an entertainment center, additional livable space, or a storage solution; the addition a bathroom will always increase the value of your home.
  3. Bars, Wine Cellars, and Luxury Relaxation Spaces are are fast growing segments in residential basement  remodeling.  A beautiful wine cellar with rich wood trim or a long solid wood bar, adds class and sophistication to any finished basement entertainment room.  Want to impress your friends and family, enhance the mood with a custom basement lighting package.  The basement is the best place to store your wine, why not make it the best place to drink it too.
  4.  Many people incorporate a small secondary kitchen into their basement bar.  Cherry cabinets and granite countertops can make the basement a fully functional second home within a home.
  5. Work-out rooms are always a great addition to the home. Many homes are cluttered and rooms look uninviting when oversized treadmills, climbers, and weight sets take up space so much space.  You are more inclined to work out if you have a space dedicated to it – making a work out space in your basement can gain you space all over your home!
  6. Man-caves are a big part of why many people get involved in finishing the basement.  Average finishing costs can get expensive when men’s dream rooms get involved, but we can try and make your in home sports museum or poker room fit into your budget.  Built in wide screen entertainment stations and projection screens have become affordable to average consumers; why not incorporate one into your man-cave.
  7. Need an in home office space? We can give you that space to get your work done for your business. We have plenty of experience with commercial construction as well for your onsite location as well.